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patient lift room in hospital

PRVC Cubicle/Shower Curtain Accessories

We offer a complete line of PRVC accessories including track, wall mounts, splices and end caps. Additionally, available are swing arms, gates and swing arm wall mounts.

PRVC Tube for cubicle track

PRVC Flat Cubicle Curtain Track

45/90 degree curves and custom sizes available

prvc wall mount

PRVC Wall Mount

PRVC Hook for cubicle track

PRVC Cubicle Curtain Hook

PRVC Swing Arm for cubicle track

PRVC Swing Arm

PRVC Ceiling Mount for cubicle curtain

PRVC Ceiling Mount

PRVC SwingArm Wall Plate

PRVC Swing Arm Wall Mount

PRVC Wall Mount for track system

PRVC Wall Mount - 90 Degree Bend

PRVC End Cap for track system

PRVC End Cap

PRVC Splice for track system

PRVC Splice

PRVC Gate for track system



Launder Sticker

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