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patient lift system in hospital  room

Patient-Lift Cubicle Systems for Healthcare Facilities

At Lorton Group, we understand the critical role that mobility and privacy play in healthcare settings. Our Patient-Lift Cubicle Systems are designed to seamlessly integrate patient lift mechanisms with cubicle curtains, ensuring both safety and dignity for patients. These systems are ideal for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other medical facilities that prioritize patient care and operational efficiency.

Introduction to Patient-Lift Cubicle Systems

Patient-lift cubicle systems are essential for facilities aiming to provide comprehensive care. By combining patient lifts with cubicle curtains, these systems offer an innovative solution that enhances both mobility and privacy. Our designs ensure that patients can be moved safely and comfortably, without compromising their privacy or the workflow of healthcare professionals.

PRVC Cubicle Curtain Trolley System

The PRVC Cubicle Curtain Trolley System is designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use in healthcare settings. This system integrates seamlessly with patient lifts, allowing for smooth transitions and improved patient care.

  • Enhanced Mobility: The trolley system allows for effortless movement of curtains, ensuring that patient transfers are safe and efficient.

  • Customizable Options: Available in various colors and fabrics, the trolley system can be tailored to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your facility.

  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, the trolley system is designed to withstand frequent use in busy medical environments.


PRVC Cubicle Curtain Gate System

The PRVC Cubicle Curtain Gate System provides an innovative solution for managing privacy and accessibility in patient care areas. This system is ideal for facilities that require frequent adjustments to patient privacy configurations.

  • Secure and Accessible: The gate system ensures that curtains stay securely in place while providing easy access when needed.

  • Space-Efficient Design: Designed to maximize space utilization, the gate system helps maintain an organized and clutter-free environment.

  • Easy Maintenance: Curtains in the gate system are easy to remove and clean, supporting high hygiene standards in healthcare settings.


The PRVC Cubicle Curtain Swing Arm System offers a versatile solution for patient privacy, allowing curtains to be easily repositioned as needed. This system is perfect for dynamic healthcare environments where adaptability is key.

  • Flexible Positioning: The swing arm system enables quick and easy repositioning of curtains to suit different needs and configurations.

  • Robust Construction: Made from durable materials, the swing arm system is built to withstand frequent adjustments and heavy use.

  • Customizable: Like our other systems, the swing arm system can be customized with various fabric options to match your facility's decor and requirements.

cubicle curtain swing arm system

Benefits of Patient-Lift Cubicle Systems

Our patient-lift cubicle systems offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Improved Patient Safety: By integrating lift systems with cubicle curtains, we reduce the risk of accidents during patient transfers.

  • Enhanced Privacy: Our curtains ensure that patients maintain their privacy during lift operations and other medical procedures.

  • Operational Efficiency: These systems streamline the process of moving patients, saving time and effort for healthcare staff.

Durable and Reliable Design

Constructed with high-quality materials, our patient-lift cubicle systems are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in busy medical environments. Each component is designed for durability and reliability, ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance.

Customizable Options to Fit Your Needs

We offer a range of customization options to ensure that our systems meet the specific needs of your facility. Choose from various curtain fabrics, colors, and patterns to match your interior design and functional requirements. Our systems are compatible with different lift mechanisms, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our patient-lift cubicle systems are designed for straightforward installation and easy maintenance. The systems can be installed with minimal disruption to your facility's operations, and the curtains are designed for easy removal and laundering, helping you maintain high hygiene standards.

Professional Installation Services

Lorton Group provides professional installation services nationwide. Our experienced team ensures that your patient-lift cubicle systems are installed correctly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Extended Benefits of Lorton Group Systems

  • Enhanced Mobility: Facilitates smoother and safer patient transfers, reducing physical strain on healthcare staff.

  • Acoustic Control: Our curtains help in dampening ambient noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment for patients.

  • Light Management: Options for light-blocking fabrics help control light exposure, improving patient comfort and care quality.

Integration with Existing Medical Infrastructure

Our patient-lift cubicle systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Whether you are retrofitting an existing facility or planning a new build, our team will work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit.

Case Studies and Client Testimonials

We have successfully implemented our patient-lift cubicle systems in various healthcare facilities across the country. Our clients report significant improvements in both patient care and operational efficiency. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers:

“The Lorton Group’s patient-lift cubicle systems have been a game-changer for our hospital. They enhance both patient safety and staff efficiency.” - Healthcare Administrator, NY

“We’ve seen a noticeable improvement in patient satisfaction since installing the Lorton Group’s systems. They offer the perfect blend of mobility and privacy.” - Rehabilitation Center Director, CA

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