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The Lorton Group manufactures and supplies multiple configurations of healthcare cubicle curtains, shower curtains, and tracks. We offer ceiling-mounted and non-ceiling-mounted tracks and curtains. Accessories are available for medical cubicle and shower tracks and curtains. We sell products and services to public/private hospitals, military bases, VA hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, universities, general contractors, and distributors.

Is Your Facility Having
Patient-Lift Cubicle Curtain Conflicts?

The Lorton Group has a number of solutions that will solve the conflicts between the Patient-Lift Systems and Cubicle or Shower Curtains. Click here for additional information!

hospital curtain track system

Our Products

Patient-Lift Hospital
Curtain Solutions

Our Patient-Lift Privacy Systems solves the conflicts between patient lifts and hospital cubicle curtains in patient rooms, common areas, and bathrooms. There is no need for the patient to sacrifice privacy due to the necessity of patient lifts. 

Ceiling Mounted Healthcare Curtain Systems
The Lorton Group offers a wide array of options to meet your facility's healthcare curtain needs. We provide the following medical curtains: Grommeted Curtains, Snap-On Curtains, Disposable Curtains C-type Curtains, and Shower Curtains. 

Medical Shower
Curtain Systems

The Lorton Group manufactures custom shower curtains for the specific needs of the healthcare industry. Using traditional Cubical Curtain Track and carriers we can customize a design to fit your specific needs.
Non-Ceiling Mounted Healthcare Curtain Systems
There are many benefits to using a non-ceiling-mounted system. The curtains are accessible from the floor without needing a ladder which will help prevent staff injuries associated with this type of activity. Additionally, it solves the problems of ceiling light obstruction, A/C returns, and sprinkler heads. 
nurse operating curtain track system
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